The 2015 Lexus RC F is an all new luxury performance coupe, arriving in Canada this year. Based on the performance-oriented GS platform yet engineered as an all-new model, the four-seater, rear-wheel-drive RC F builds on the all-new RC 350 with even more aggressive styling and high performance. Packed with Lexus firsts, including many new performance-enhancing technologies, the RC F stands apart from other luxury coupes, including the RC models on which it is based. As a Lexus, the new RC F features generous yet thoughtful applications of leading edge technology, exquisite comfort and amenities, and the quality and legendary customer experience that have become hallmarks of the Lexus brand.

  • Unique in the Lexus range, the RC F provides a road stance that emphasizes the appeal of a luxury two-door vehicle.
  • Unique front bonnet to raise the peak of the vehicle and create a more powerful profile appearance.
  • Bonnet air outlets and cooling ducts contribute to aggressive appearance.
  • Lexus first: an elliptical cross-section thick-grip steering wheel that offers greater control during performance driving
  • Unique interior components, including instrument meters, steering wheel, seats, ornamentation and pedals.
  • Meters developed from the LFA supercar, while also referencing aircraft cockpit instrumentation.
  • Large, centrally-mounted tachometer that alters according to drive mode.
  • Digital and analogue speed readout
  • Differential torque vectoring monitor
  • G force meter
  • On-board stopwatch
  • All-new high back seats built with integrated foaming techniques to achieve optimal comfort and maximum support during performance driving.
  • The most powerful Lexus V8 F model to date
  • An all-new, 5.0L 32-valve V8 that delivers more than 450 peak horsepower and more than 520Nm of torque.
    • The first Lexus to combine Atkinson and Otto cycles. The RC F uses the Atkinson cycle for cruising speeds to maximize fuel efficiency, but switches seamlessly to the Otto cycle at higher revolutions to deliver impressive performance.
  • The world’s first vehicle to use a Torque Vectoring Differential in a front engine, rear drive car. The TVD operates in three modes:
    • STANDARD balances nimble performance with stability
    • SLALOM emphasises nimble performance
    • TRACK delivers consistent, stable behaviour to hold to cornering lines as the driver applies more throttle.
  • Newly performance calibrated eight-speed sequential shift electronically controlled transmission with intelligence, fitted with paddle shifters.
  • An active rear wing: Inspired by the Lexus LFA supercar, this wing deploys at 80 kph to provide additional down force.
  • Bonnet air outlets, and cooling ducts behind bumper and front fenders to aid in cooling and overall vehicle stability.
  • Carefully tuned flat underbody with strategically placed aero stabilizing fins.
  • Highly rigid body with large cross-section rocker panels and highly rigid front lower brace.
  • Wider tire and wheel assembly for maximum grip.
  • Coil spring independent suspension front and rear, with monotube gas dampers and ball-joined stabilizer bars.
  • Newly designed 19” forged aluminum wheels.
  • Brembo disc brakes



5.0L V8
Eight-speed ECT-i automatic

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