What’s New for the 2013 LS

The LS is the Lexus flagship sedan that features distinct bolder design cues, refined engaging driving dynamics, and innovative advanced technology while offering “choice” to drivers from AWD to RWD to Lexus’ advanced proven hybrid system. It’s a true blend of refinement and evolution.  
LS 460:
  • 4.6 litre, 8-cyliner, 32-Valve, Variable Vavle Timing with Intelligence Electrically Driven on Intake Cam (VVT-iE), 360-386 horsepower
  • Fuel efficiency rating of 12.9L/100km for city; 8.2L/100km  for highway;  10.8L/100km combined
LS 600h:
  • 8-cylinder, DOHC, Electronic Throttle Control System with Intelligence (ETCS-i),  389 (290) horsepower
  • Fuel efficiency rating of 10.6/100km for city;  9.1/100km  for highway;  9.9L/100km combined
  • Aggressive frontal treatment that gives the LS a powerful and commanding road presence
  • Spindle grille design: the inverted trapezoidal upper grille and slanted lower grille that were first introduced on the GS sedan have been combined and integrated into a single element on the LS to create a more prominent spindle shape.
  • Revised tail lamps & bumper
  • A Lexus first, the new LS can be equipped with all-LED exterior lighting
  • Unique lower rear bumper design with chrome-plated bar running along the bottom edge
  • 19” F Sport alloy wheels
  • Exclusive wheel paint and grade-specific badging
Interior enhancements have been made to the sound insulation for an even quieter top-of-class cabin, while available F-Sport badged bolsters give a distinctive appeal.
  • Lexus Climate Concierge air conditioning system offers LS occupants thermal comfort with its sensors that regulate the temperature of the cabin seats and steering wheel.
  • The dashboard is divided into two distinct zones: an upper Display Zone, with a 12.3 inch, LCD multi-display screen, and a lower Operation Zone, which allows access to system controls such as the second generation Remote Touch Interface (RTI).
  • The optional Rear Seat Entertainment System features a Blu-Ray DVD player, an SD card slot and a retractable, ceiling mounted, nine-inch full-color VGA screen.
  • The LS 600h L is the ultimate combination of luxury and advanced technology featuring the proven Lexus Hybrid System; it is the industry’s first V8 all-wheel-drive hybrid.
  • Adds a heat exchanger with integrated Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating elements which warm the front cabin area quickly after vehicle start-up.
  • Offers V6 fuel economy with V12 performance
  • Only AWD hybrid in its class
  • Most powerful full hybrid AWD sedan
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (new to LS)
  • Advanced Pre-Crash Safety System (A-PCS) with collision avoidance assist
  • Lane-keeping Assist system (LKA) has been upgraded
  • Lexus Night View
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
The driving dynamics of the new LS have redefined this flagship sedan with a more engaging and responsive driving experience, which is further enhanced with the all-new F Sport model. 
  • Increased body rigidity helps enhance handling stability and allows for a superior comfortable ride. 
  • Pitch and bounce control has been enhanced to give an even flatter, road-hugging ride.
  • Revised electric power steering offers an improved steering feel, vehicle agility and high speed stability.
  • The braking system offers superior brake response and greater pedal feel. 
  • The LS F Sport features a lower centre of gravity and the dedicated sport suspension system has lowered the body height by 10mm.
LS models feature a three-mode Drive Mode Select system while models equipped with Adaptive Variable Suspension system (AVS) add two additional driving modes to help optimize fuel economy, comfort, performance and handling characteristics:
  • ECO
  • SPORT+


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