Part 2: 2014 Lexus IS 250/350 Product Information

Design and Packaging

  • All-new exterior featuring Lexus spindle grille frontal design and Lexus-first independent L-shaped Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
  • Elegance-enhancing Lexus-first design details: rear wheel arch hemming treatment, laser-brazed roof structure and shark fin antenna
  • New interior design with LFA-inspired, driver-focused cockpit and significantly improved rear seat roominess and luggage capacity
  • Dual-zone Air Conditioning with new, touch-sensitive Electrostatic switches
  • Available Electro Multi Vision Navigation (EMVN) multimedia systems with award-winning Remote Touch Interface (RTI)
  • Lexus-first steering wheel coordination of multimedia system control with both 4.2” meter and 7” centre console displays.
  • Available Mark Levinson® Premium Surround System with new, Unity, Wide Dispersion and Inverted Motor Structure loudspeaker technology
Exterior Design
The dramatic design, sleek surfacing and tight, sporting proportions of the all-new IS perfectly reflect the significant advances made to the dynamic capabilities and driving performance of the Lexus premium compact sedan.
At 4665 mm overall, the new IS is 80 mm longer and 10 mm wider than its predecessor. The front overhang has increased by just 10 mm, and the wheelbase has been extended by 70 mm to 2800 mm.
Following the new generation GS, ES and LS models, the all-new IS features the sophisticated dynamism of the new Lexus spindle grille frontal design, awarding the compact sedan a combination of aggressive elegance, a more powerful road presence and a stronger brand identity.
The front of the new IS represents a further evolution of the spindle grille from the GS and LS models. The design has been made more three-dimensional, and its shape accentuated by a chrome plated frame and the muscular projection of horizontal bars which follow the curvature of the vehicle front.
The new, powerfully articulated headlamp cluster may be equipped with two types of lamp; a single projector discharge design and a twin projector unit featuring full-LEDs. A Lexus first, the headlamp is underscored by Lexus trademark L-shaped LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) located independently below the cluster, giving the new IS a unique, highly distinctive visual signature.
The deep front bumper design anchors muscular front wings and flared wheel arches. Integral foglamps are housed within secondary, highly sculpted side air intakes which control the flow of air out through the wheel arches to enhance aerodynamic performance.
The overall dynamic shape of the body is generated by the spindle grille. It widens across the bonnet, passes through the base of the A pillar and then tightens as it flows towards the rear. This not only clearly delineates the body from the cabin, but also emphasizes the wide flare of the wheel arches to give the new IS a wide, powerful rear stance.
In profile, the strong horizontal beltline creates the impression of larger rear tires and a lowered center of gravity. The mass of the cabin itself appears to be concentrated rearwards, visually applying weight to the rear tires to enhance the perception of traction.
A rising crease line flowing from the lower body, through the rear wheel arch and into the rear lamp clusters adds further dynamism to the sweeping elegance of the sedan’s sporting profile.
Incorporating an aero-stabilising fin designed to smooth airflow and promote enhanced handling stability, the rear lamp clusters feature the trademark L-shape motif which instantly identifies the IS as the latest vehicle to join the Lexus model range.
The clean, elegant, coupe-like lines of the new IS are further enhanced by three additional Lexus firsts; a rear wheel arch hemming treatment which gives the tire greater prominence by allowing it to be placed further outboard and closer to the wheel arch; a laser-brazed roof structure which joins the roof and side members without the need for an unsightly roof drip moulding; and a shark fin, roof-mounted antenna.
Interior Design
The clean, horizontal theme of the new IS interior design is bisected by the strong upward sweep of the center console, creating a snug, focused, ergonomically ideal environment from within which the driver can fully exploit the new Lexus compact sedan’s superb driving dynamics.
The newly designed, quilted driver’s seat offers greater comfort and better lateral support. The seat hip point has been lowered by 9 mm. The new, LFA-inspired, 3-spoke, 370 mm diameter steering wheel features a new paddle shift switch shape for easier, more accurate operation, and improved ergonomics to the wheel-mounted switchgear.
The angle of the wheel has been lowered 3 degrees, and steering reach adjustment has been increased by 23 mm, creating a more sporting driving position. In conjunction, the windscreen wiper rest position has been lowered by 15 mm to maintain the same angle of vision as that of the current model.
With 50 mm of its 70 mm longer wheelbase dedicated to increased rear seat space and 20 mm dedicated to increased luggage capacity, the new, 10 mm wider IS offers rear seat occupants significantly increased levels of comfort. The combination of extended wheelbase and a thinner front seat design generates an 85 mm increase in knee room for the new, available 60:40 split/folding seats. And a 20 mm increase in the gap between the B pillar and the front corner of the seat improves accessibility.
Throughout the interior, high quality materials and finishes convey contemporary, premium look and feel, with a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail for which Lexus is global renowned. Soft touch finishes abound, including knee pads either side of the center console for increased driver and front passenger comfort.
Silver metallic trim detailing throughout the cabin is complimented by a precision machined, analogue clock with surface-emitting illumination, and the latest advances in HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology.
Human-oriented interior design is one of the fundamental tenets of the L-finesse design philosophy, and the new IS dashboard is divided into two distinct zones, a display zone and an operation zone, offering drivers more comfortable, ergonomically ideal interaction with the vehicle’s HMI systems.
An upper Display Zone locates the 7” LCD multi-display screen at an ideal distance for at-a-glance viewing, while a lower Operation Zone allows access to system controls such as the second generation of Lexus’ award winning Remote Touch Interface (RTI), available with navigation.
The new IS follows the GS and LS in adopting a Drive Mode Select system, with meter illumination and multi-information display design changing from blue to red in sports driving modes.
The center console incorporates Lexus first, electrostatic switches to control the air conditioning temperature with the touch of a finger. All IS models are equipped with Lexus Display Audio (LDA) or Remote Touch-controlled Electro Multi Vision Navigation (EMVN) multimedia systems, and the new steering wheel is the first on a Lexus to coordinate multimedia system control with both meter and 7” center console displays.
Wheels, Colour Schemes and Trim
The new IS may be equipped with a choice of four aluminium wheel designs, one 17”, two optional 18”, and one 18” exclusive to F Sport models. 
The Lexus compact sedan is available in a range of nine exterior colours, of which one, Ultra White, is exclusive to F SPORT models and one, Atomic Silver, is new.
Lexus engineers developed a new advanced coating process for the Sonic Titanium finish. Vehicles with this exterior finish appear more radiant as an additional metallic texture gives both strong shading and defined, sharp highlights. This metallic effect makes subtle and defined bodylines more noticeable and the surface appear finely polished.
The new interior design is available in a choice of four colour schemes; Black, Parchment, Flaxen, and, exclusive to F SPORT models, Rioja Red.
Fully described in the relevant chapter, an F SPORT package is available across the entire model range. IS F SPORT models not only benefit from exclusive, more sporting and aggressive exterior and interior design features, but also genuine dynamic enhancements in the form of exclusively tuned suspension systems.
Dual-zone Air Conditioning with Electrostatic Switches
The new IS features a dual-zone air conditioning system incorporating a compact, high cooling performance expansion valve. Power consumption has been greatly reduced, contributing to improved fuel economy.
The control panel incorporates Lexus first, touch-sensitive, electrostatic switches to control the air conditioning temperature. Sliding a finger up or down the bar shaped switch allows for temperature adjustment in 0.5 degree Centigrade / 1 degree Fahrenheit increments. Temperature can also be adjusted by simply pressing the top or bottom half of the switch or the arrow markings.
A blower customization function has been added, allowing users to select the default airflow during Auto control, form a choice of Fast, Medium or Soft settings. A full screen display has been added to the Lexus Display Audio (LDA) system to confirm the operational status of the system.
Advanced Multimedia Systems
Two types of multimedia system are available for use in conjunction with the high-resolution 7” full colour display, Lexus Display Audio (LDA) and Electro Multi Vision Navigation (EMVN).
With 8-directional joystick control, the LDA system now features smartphone linking capabilities that allow customers to use smartphone navigation applications and view the data on the 7” display screen.
The new generation EMVN system has been developed to provide excellent connectivity and enhanced HMI features. The new steering wheel is the first on a Lexus to coordinate multimedia system control with both 4.2” meter and 7” center console displays.
The ability to link the EMVN to the monitor in the meter display allows the driver to view audio data, mobile phone reception and incoming call information, as well as navigation directions, while also using the cross switch on the steering wheel to select music tracks and place outgoing phone calls.
The CPU of the integral navigation system has approximately four times the processing power of the current system. Incorporating automatic screen zoom at intersections, the system features several advanced functions. They include a true 3-D view with city model and landmark graphics, the accurate replication of motorway signage, and speed limit information.
Second Generation RTI
The EMVN system is operated via a second generation Lexus Remote Touch Interface (RTI) multi-function control device, which has been enhanced for increased user-friendliness and ease of operation.
The system incorporates the world’s first slide haptic joystick mechanism -a planar slide-type controller, much like a computer mouse, that allows users to scroll quickly and easily across the display screen. The ENTER command is now accomplished by simply pushing the controller. Usability has also been improved through the addition of ambient lighting, and by minimising the difference in height between the RTI controller and the armrest.
Premium Sound System
The new Lexus IS is fitted as standard with a Premium Sound System representing the next generation of realism and clarity in Lexus sound. It features a fully digital, Class-D, 8 channel amplifier capable of creating virtually distortion-free sound with minimal voltage losses. The natural sound dynamics and rich harmonies generated by the high definition amplification are faithfully reproduced by an enhanced, 8-speaker layout which features a new, 55 mm wide-range tweeter.
iPod functionality and interface quality has been enhanced; via USB port connectivity, the iPod menu can now be driven from the vehicle’s steering wheel control switches, and album cover art displayed on the 7” multimedia screen.
Mark Levinson® Premium Surround System
Available with the new IS’s EMVN system, the Mark Levinson® Premium Surround System creates sound based on the concepts of Effortless Dynamics and Effortless Transient Response, which combine natural dynamics with high response and tracking performance to offer sound quality equivalent to that of a live, concert hall performance.
Using the same technologies as those found in top-end home audio systems, it features a 12 channel fully digital Class-D amplifier generating a total of 835 Watts through 15 GreenEdgeTM high-efficiency loudspeakers. A Lexus first, a new Auto Volume system automatically adjusts system volume for each song being played to ensure consistent volume levels and full audibility for even the quietest passages of music.
Developing twice the volume for the same power consumption, GreenEdgeTM power-saving technology has been incorporated into each of the 15 speakers. GreenEdgeTM technology covers a wider frequency band than conventional systems, giving an enhanced dynamic range.
The new Mark Levinson® system features three, newly-developed, 90 mm GreenEdgeTM speakers mounted at the front of the cabin, with UnityTM technology which integrates mid- and high-range units within the same structure. To the rear, two further 90 mm GreenEdgeTM units feature new, Wide Dispersion technology, with built-in acoustic lenses to disperse the sound more evenly throughout the cabin. In combination, these 5 speakers give consistent timbre for both front and rear seat occupants, resulting in a whole new level of surround sound, definition, atmosphere and quality.
A new, 200 mm GreenEdgeTM subwoofer features the latest Inverted Motor Structure technology, in which the magnetic circuit is mounted in an inverted position, significantly reducing the depth of the unit with no loss of power or acoustic performance, while offering significant space savings in system packaging.


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